Our Philosophy:

Little Eve's Nursery aims to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where children can develop their skills and are encouraged to become socially adept at the appropriate development stage.

Develop Skills

The children’s learning needs as well as their personal, social and physical requirements are respected and catered for in order to utilize potential to the best of their abilities.

Utilize Potentials

We also aim to make learning enjoyable, exciting, and challenging, which will offer a positive foundation for “Happy Learning” in years ahead. We offer peace of mind to each parent by providing the highest standard of childcare and education for the children.

We acknowledge that the first five years of a child’ life are critical learning years for future development. With this is mind, each child is given the opportunity to strengthen positive attitudes towards themselves and others. Its is with these points at the forefront of everything that we do which leads our philosophy.

Our Philosophy is that we believe it is necessary to build and create a family environment, by sharing love and concern for your children. This will involve all members of the team working together to build a foundation for their happiness and success. Little Eve's Nursery philosophy is based on three meaningful words….

Happy Learning

Positive Attitudes

Love, Learning, Understanding